LESMA HANDLING GROUP undertakes to implement the best health and safety measures during all of its activities.
LESMA HANDLING GROUP has implemented a Health and Safety System based on Spanish legislation OHSAS 18001:2007, with the aim of being a tool of constant improvement and to comply with all current legal requirements.
We undertake to promote the following principles:
  • Create and maintain a safe working environment that minimalizes any risk and follow safe working practices.
  • Train and encourage all personnel in safe working procedures.
  • To identify the dangers and associated risks within the working environment and implement the adequate prevention measures.
  • To provide whatever equipment or materials which are necessary in order to accomplish the work safely.
  • Continuously improve our established procedures.
LESMA HANDLING GROUP has defined certain objectives that need to be achieved in order to respect its Health and Safety System commitment.

By means of the approval, as a commitment of LESMA HANDLING GROUP’S management, and later diffusion and promotion of its Health and Safety System, the idea is to achieve the implication of the whole personnel.
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